Reviews for "Alice is Dead - Ep 2"

A lot better than the first one. I thought that the voice acting was a nice touch, and the music was noticeably more creepier. I even played the game again to get the rest of the medals!

I will say though, isn't it a bit of a stretch to make the white rabbit a hitman? I don't know, perhaps I should have suspended my disbelief a bit more, it's just that my initial reaction was that this explanation was a bit much, but I'll try to go along with it.


God that was hard! But wonderful <3 getting bore and more absorbed into the story.

lol excellent needed some help with this one, Simple but not common, Code breaker not needed tho.. just think out of the 2ed box. good job about to play third.

The quality again was extremely good. The introduction of a little voice acting here was so cool. It lacked the legitimate eerie nature of the first game, but I liked the style nonetheless! Looking forward to Ep 3!