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Reviews for "Alice is Dead - Ep 2"

This game is very fun. i just with i could figure out the password. its driving me mad

Once again, you manage to create a creepy environment without relying on loud, in your face jumpscares. Puzzles were entertaining and not too difficult. Good job.

Loved the first game and loved this one just as much. A bit more trickier and you get introduced to a few new characters but I enjoyed how the plot thickens even more once you finish the game.

Awesome job to all those involved in making this series!

I love the first game, but for some reason it wont let cut Lewis open when i know i have to. other then that its a good game.

I love the game like crazy, all of them since forever, but the Cheshire Cat *shivers* that thing is a demon spawn for SATAN XD But seiriously, love this game :D