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Reviews for "Alice is Dead - Ep 2"

Великолепная видеоигра. Последний раз я запускал её лет 10 назад, когда учился на первом курсе. Своего рода ностальгия.

awesome the game had something fishy about it (I'm not sorry)


rip the sheet on your bed

grap a mirror shard

flush the toilet and then look in it and grab the nut

talk to hatter

wrap sheet on mirror shard

look at x-ray

look at staff note

talk to hatter

stab lewis

use nut

stab stomach

listen to conversation (u cant get key)

open your cell door

look through bricks

wait until the hybrid prototype is directly in front of you before you leave

enter room of right

go to computer

Type help

type unlock

type unlock password

type unlock March

type oystercloud

go to safe

collect evidence

switch man to:

1 heart,
1 chicken head,
1 pirate hook,

enter door

hit button

watch the credits to view the prototype


Nice way to portrait Carol's characters.

Still one of my favorite games on the site. Incredible atmosphere and story.