Reviews for "Alice is Dead - Ep 2"

pretty simple game

easy to win and pretty short finnaly got hidden medal

Messed up but awesome.

That thing you see in the hole in the wall scared the hell out of me. Can't wait for episode 3.


Something makes me think that creepy thing you see through the bricks is the Cheshire cat...scared the hell outta me when I saw it though.

A Bug

Great game, but I think you got a bug with the secret medal. Yes, id iscovered the secret, (Im making a enigm to comprove that i know the secret without spoiling it: Near the three, right in front, and then in the end of all) and the medal just dont shows up.


dude when u look in the hole to long tht thing scared the crap outa me...wut do oi do wit oyestercloud? and hatters gone wut do i do now i need the evidence