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Play Kawairun 2 - http://kawairun2.jeddahbi kers.com

Compete with your friends or play alone in this super fun\cute running game with cute clouds and yetis that hold limbo sticks???

Have fun and don't let the bee get you =)

Arrows for single player , and WASD + arrows for multi player
P-pause , M-mute , Q-quality


Those are some evil bee's...

Okay, this game is fun, it's addicting and the songs fit very well with the game...but I'd never thought a game would make bee's so dang deadly, plus right after they kill you, they smile, EVIL!!! My character is also made out of metal, but he still dies by a bee...and pushed by branches.

Now for my review, this game has a nice selection to dress your character to your liking, but...can you make the branches sticking out of the trees a darker color..like black, or a lighter color...maybe blue. My only reason for saying that is because the bee's distract you to much to watch out for the other obstacles, or ghosts, whatever distracts you most. Some obstacles are a little to close, one time I jumped over a mud puddle and landed on some logs and died..

Those "special enemies" of yours are....weird because you duck, you die, you jump to early, you die, you jump the right time, you feel relaxed to much and miss a obstacle...and guess what? YOU DIE! Haven't got past the graveyard so, nothing to complain about the yeti's..

Now for my suggestions for a "Kawairun 2" if you going to make one, maybe give power-ups like...bug repellent and of course invincibility and more bug repellent..and super-speed and super jumping. Maybe a tutorial that you can play instead of instructions in a box, story mode and maybe a store for items. Great game 9/10, 5/5.

3D-xelu responds:

thank you for the review :P yeah i know some obstacles are kind of hard to pass =(


That B#@$%^D Ghost man! lol, otherwise great game man! I shall beat that ghost one day!

3D-xelu responds:

GOOD LUCK!!! need help? =)

also.. thanks

Pretty Good

The art is great and really fits the game. The music is catchy and pretty good. My computer is being kind of slow today, so the game didn'y run very smoothly for me, but I know it will run better if I run it on a better system. Its an overall good game.

3D-xelu responds:

hehe.. thanks :P

good game

very good man!!!
it's aa great game
i liked it

3D-xelu responds:


It's good.

I liked it, however, I kept slipping over for no apparent reason - i.e. when just running normally on the grass.

3D-xelu responds:

Probably you got hit by the tree branches....

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3.94 / 5.00

Dec 20, 2009
12:18 PM EST
Skill - Avoid