Reviews for "Kawairun"


Really really cool. Challenging, smooth controls, and pretty graphics.
The only thing, i have to say, is that it's kind fucked up that you have start all over again when you hit someone just once. I think you should get, like, 3 hits and THEN you're out. I mean, i didn't see the snowball coming! :/

3D-xelu responds:

yeah it's kind of unforgiving.... you'll have powerups in kawairun 2 that grands you the ability to make mistakes and stuff like that :P


Why doesn't this have more reviews?...This game is wonderful and im seriously surprised it never made it to first page!.This game is absolutely amazing and deserves more attention.The graphics are great and the sounds are perfect.I can't see anything wrong with this game!.

Hey Remember Me! 3D-xelu

Again. Amazing Game.
If I Get Possible To 1000 Feet.
Perfect Running Nice Design To.
Everybody Would Be Proud If I Give That Comment.

Woot! Again


for some reason i kept falling down for no reason

Why is this game not popular?

Anyway,great game,amazing artwork,and I got the 1337 score,LOL

3D-xelu responds:

ahahaha =))) thanks for the review XD lol 1337