Reviews for "Kawairun"

Easily one of the best Run/Dodge-Games

I had a lot of fun Playing Kawairun. The Game was superpolished (For instance, I loved the Sunlight-effect when you were running over bridges), the controls were slick and responsive and overall the classic Run'n'Dodge-Gameplay mechanic is great to play in lunch-breaks or such things.
Only downside to me was the sometimes frustrating behaviour of the Game. The ghost and bees were a literal pain in the ass. and the objects are sometimes hard to see, especially in the Snow-level.
Overall, you gave a very high standard to this type of game. It's frunstrating but fun and great to play on the go. Worth 9 Stars for me =)

Keep rocking!

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i liked it..... i just dont have the patience to go too far XP

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thanks :P

So Cute!

Loved the game! I liked The concept, graphics and the customisable charater. The only thing is I wish there were some check points along the way. Restarting every time gets kind of frustating.

3D-xelu responds:

many people said the same thing about restarting :( altough.. it's an ENDURANCE game.. so that's why we didn't added any checkpoints :P soooryyyy

buth THANKS for playing it =3

Fun :)

This is a really fun game. I dunno if it's just me or if it's my computer, but it kinda made my eyes hurt. And I also, I feel like it would be cooler if there were more than three... like... sceneries. But it's a great game, good job!

3D-xelu responds:

hehe.. thanks for the review.. the game was made in 10-15 days.. so we didn't had enough time =(

good game

very good man!!!
it's aa great game
i liked it

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