Reviews for "Kawairun"

Those are some evil bee's...

Okay, this game is fun, it's addicting and the songs fit very well with the game...but I'd never thought a game would make bee's so dang deadly, plus right after they kill you, they smile, EVIL!!! My character is also made out of metal, but he still dies by a bee...and pushed by branches.

Now for my review, this game has a nice selection to dress your character to your liking, but...can you make the branches sticking out of the trees a darker color..like black, or a lighter color...maybe blue. My only reason for saying that is because the bee's distract you to much to watch out for the other obstacles, or ghosts, whatever distracts you most. Some obstacles are a little to close, one time I jumped over a mud puddle and landed on some logs and died..

Those "special enemies" of yours are....weird because you duck, you die, you jump to early, you die, you jump the right time, you feel relaxed to much and miss a obstacle...and guess what? YOU DIE! Haven't got past the graveyard so, nothing to complain about the yeti's..

Now for my suggestions for a "Kawairun 2" if you going to make one, maybe give power-ups like...bug repellent and of course invincibility and more bug repellent..and super-speed and super jumping. Maybe a tutorial that you can play instead of instructions in a box, story mode and maybe a store for items. Great game 9/10, 5/5.

3D-xelu responds:

thank you for the review :P yeah i know some obstacles are kind of hard to pass =(

Game=Fun,Medals=Nice,Tips= Gonna give'm right now!

Hello there everyone! Winmugen11 here with another helpful review!

First of all, I'd like to say that this game is a nice time killer if you're looking for a quick play game. The movement of the characters is smooth, the environments aren't bad at all and the concept of the game is original in my opinion. I really enjoy it to achieve those ingame medals(some like the respawn 4 times in multiplayer mode are very hard and are seemingly looking impossible) but it's a great feeling when you can add another medal to your ingame medal collection. Too bad that those ingame medals aren't real NG medals like in those games which you can find on the Games with medals page. I suggest that you do that(You don't have to do it, but I think we wou!ld all like it if it were real achievable NG medals). Now for some tips: Those of you who hate that stupid bee, here is a nice little tip: When the bee appears on screen, it has this weird little anger sign on it's head and it is aimng at you while you run. Now right when that RED anger sign on it's HEAD DISSAPPEARS, get ready to avoid it by jumping or sliding because then it will try to sting you(try it, it works). For that annoying graveyard ghost, you can jump over it backwards if you want too, it works but it's risky due to the fact thatr you can crash in a large stone or fall in a hole, so i suggest to keep a balanced mix of keeping running in front of it and jumping backwards over it. At the snow part, it's best to keep running on the left side of the screen to see any potential danger approaching. Tip: Right before the LIMBO YETI appears, there is a small sign in the background to warn you because it says: "LIMBO YETI". So keep an eye on the background there people! Btw, for those who don't know, you have to slide under the Limbo Yeti! because its Limbo(duh). If you want to try to get the respawning medal, then you have to keep pressing the right respawning button(W or the up arrow) IMMEDIATLY after you get hit and smash it like crazy, or else you will fail. Btw, In multiplayer mode, the up arrow is the respawn button for player 2 and the W button is the respawn button for player 1. Enjoy the game and maybe there will be a Kawairun 2 in the future? Or this Kawairun will receive NG medals to achieve? Anyway, you did a great job with this game together with the rest of the team!

P.S. I would give this game a 10 but because it runs slow on my pc, I gave it a 9. If you would ever plan to make a Kawairun 2, maybe you can add more characters to build and more environments? It gets a bit too repetitive for me to continiously run through the forest, graveyard and iceland in that order.

Winmugen11 signing out =)

3D-xelu responds:


Very fun and addicting!

Yo, what's up man! Your flash game is da shit dude! I'd like it if you could make the in-game medals you can deserve into real NG Medals that you can deserve!

Lil' Kenny over and out..Shizzle for da Dizzle(yeah, I'm high right now)

3D-xelu responds:

*happy face*

awesome game

i like the animation and the details on the background
i enjoyed it --adding to the favourites-- 10\10
i like your games so keep it up for more great works

3D-xelu responds:


I think its a pretty cool game!

I like to make the character and the game play is fun.

3D-xelu responds:

thanks :P