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One o'clock 5 Points

Collect all clocks in level 1

Eleven o'clock 10 Points

Collect all clocks in level 11

Nineteen o'clock 10 Points

Collect all clocks in level 19

Eight o'clock 25 Points

Collect all clocks in level 8

Seventeen o'clock 25 Points

Collect all clocks in level 17

Ten o'clock 25 Points

Collect all clocks in level 10

Twelve o'clock 25 Points

Collect all clocks in level 12

Fourteen o'clock 50 Points

Collect all clocks in level 14

Three o'clock 50 Points

Collect all clocks in level 3

Two o'clock 50 Points

Collect all clocks in level 2

Author Comments

The new version features Medals and some optimizations for running in 30FPS. The Gameplay should be more fluid now.
It may take a day or two for the new version to be admin accepted!!


Scribbland is an innovative platformer game, where you use only one button to control the player (namely Left Mouse Button). To make the player move you just have to click and hold it, while if you want him to jump release said button. To move in mid-air, quickly release the button and then hold it again.
Your objective is to reach the exit while avoiding hazards and running into walls. You can play the game either in Easy Mode (You don't get killed when you run into wall, there are less enemies but the score is lower) or Hard Mode (Running into wall kills you, there are more enemies but the score is higher). Compete for the best score and get first on the Hiscore Board!


So, I realize some people (or majority) might not like the game thanks to the control scheme. Before you start throwing some wild accusations on me, please realize that the controls were the main quirk of the game and that was my intention from the beginning and it dates back to a couple of years ago to my older project (Happy Runner if anyone is concerned). Most people are just too used to old schemes I guess, whilst I, at least in gaming, am open to all kinds of innovation and I am sure some people will love Scribbland for this (I love the idea of one-button platformer personally).

Well, Thank You very much Newgrounds staff for putting this game on Front Page. I am really honored!


Well Dark souls 123 can go fuck itself .D these medals are for true Barneys Stintsons...so damn hard to not mess up. I gave up on 8 and 14. dayum so hard.

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All-time 8th place!

Wait a minute. The scoreboard is screwed up. You're going for the lowest score, right? So why is the highest score in the #1 position?

The concept is good. I think the gameplay could have been improved by having the player do more than just go to an exit (like maybe get power ups to kill enemies or being able to turn around after hitting a certain object). However, the medals are near impossible to get. I was only able to get three of them. The only way I foresee being able to get the rest is only if I were develop a form of spilt nanosecond timing in my reflexes and plan out each stage, calculating enemy position and speed... OR being able to turn around!

Good game, I beat it across two days while I was eating lunch at work.

Controls- 9/10
I love the single button concept, reminds me of "the Impossible game" on the xbox/iphone...
Stages: 9/10

It's true that this game is very trial by error, but not much you can do about this without pissing more people off.

Difficulty: 9/10

On normal this game is easy, getting the medals makes it a bit more of a challenge... hard mode is not too much more of a challenge. The difficult part is wrapping your mind around the single direction.

Suggestions/Possible bugs

Fix stage 20 on hardmode or include a hint, no matter what I did the game just slows down when i reach the door and then i get killed by the spike... even tried timing it just right to maximize the time i was at the door and that didn't do anything. Read through some of the reviews but no luck.

one thing you might want to consider is making some ridiculously hard way to move backwards, like double left click-hold so that the people who can't break out of their mindset that you have to be able to move in all four directions will shut up.

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3 stars for the effort but though the gameplay is way too hard and it can also manage to break your mouse click.

An option to change the controls would have been nice

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Credits & Info

3.45 / 5.00

Dec 7, 2009
2:58 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other