Reviews for "Scribbland"

Good game, I beat it across two days while I was eating lunch at work.

Controls- 9/10
I love the single button concept, reminds me of "the Impossible game" on the xbox/iphone...
Stages: 9/10

It's true that this game is very trial by error, but not much you can do about this without pissing more people off.

Difficulty: 9/10

On normal this game is easy, getting the medals makes it a bit more of a challenge... hard mode is not too much more of a challenge. The difficult part is wrapping your mind around the single direction.

Suggestions/Possible bugs

Fix stage 20 on hardmode or include a hint, no matter what I did the game just slows down when i reach the door and then i get killed by the spike... even tried timing it just right to maximize the time i was at the door and that didn't do anything. Read through some of the reviews but no luck.

one thing you might want to consider is making some ridiculously hard way to move backwards, like double left click-hold so that the people who can't break out of their mindset that you have to be able to move in all four directions will shut up.

3 stars for the effort but though the gameplay is way too hard and it can also manage to break your mouse click.

An option to change the controls would have been nice

this game is good but...

i can't even run back like i miss a clock but i can't go back so i kill myself, start all over to get it or press Esc. wish i can run back so i don't do all that work but hey it's still fun

Problem with medals

Excellent game! innovative and original! Despite what everyone else thinks, I loved the idea of using just one button, and the medals were kind of hard, but you can get them with just a little effort (clearly, the users who posted bad reviews never experienced the "Nintendo difficulty" in NES or SNES)...

...except the "Challenge Accepted" medal, who doesn't work on me for some reason. I finished the game, switched to hard mode and made it to the door in level 20!... just to be slowed down and then killed by an enemy.

I don't know what I'm supposed to do here, because if I keep walking right then I sort of fall down the screen or something and die. Is this supposed to work that way? Is it a bug? Can somebody tell me what am I doing wrong?

Everything else is just fine, 5/5

nice game

very nice game, i really like how you showed one button can be used for a flash game. amazing.