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Thanks for the feature Tom!

Apologies, Icycle doesn't seem to run for some Ubuntu users. Try updating your flash plugin?

The next ice age has arrived and the world as we know it has peacefully frozen in time, but to one naked survivor it's cold and lonely as hell!

Icycle is a contemporary take on a RETRO style bike game which challenges your skill and memory. Trial and error will pave the way but remembering the path might prove harder than you expect. Collect as many bubbles as possible but be prepared for plenty of amusing fatalities along the way.

If only dying was this much fun in life!

Instructions: Ride over the icy terrain collecting bubbles while avoiding various hazzards. The push bike can only advance, you can not back pedal so remembering the best route is part of the challenge. You can influence your altitude over thermals with up and down keys.
Use the skull & crossbones button to commit suicide if the bike ever gets stuck.
Gain a new item of clothing each time you complete the game!

Sound by Stilton Studios & Studio 42

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Very cool. I prefer games where I can die over and over; makes tricky games fun and not frustrating.

Not bad, can keep you busy for at least 45 mins. And event better if you have more than 45 mins you can unlock some stuff. I got a scarf

This is pretty fun and the concept is quite unique. The man we play as must have a gene that makes him not be harmed by cold, sort of like Wim Hof. Asides from being funny it's the only explantion as to how he is able to go about on a frozen planet without freezing to death. Great job dude!

It's a naked man on a bike yelling hey in the cold.. What more could you ask for, lol.

At any rate, this is fun and addictive.

Funny, but the controls are unresponsive as f*ck.