Reviews for "Icycle"

Great Game

Really good simple game, it was fun and challenging, but I have no motivation to play it again and again. Maybe some time far in the future when I'm in a game replaying mood, but the challenges was too much of a chore, to where I'm not sure if collecting all the clothes would even benefit me in the end. It was fun, but it was more of a "Let me see if I can get to the end" sort of fun, so there is no real pull for me to play it again. And if I were to play it... (how many times was it? 6 times, or something?) I would feel highly disappointing if the ending wasn't kickass.

Pretty Good

A fun game, but it eventually gets old.
--- Good Graphics
--- Fun Gameplay
--- Boring Music
--- Eventually Gets Repetive


Awesome !

a very challenging game but funny and very unique :D


hilarious and fun game

Still getting all the clothes

Love it!