Reviews for "Icycle"


The game was great. The idea sounded fun and from the load screen to the menu, the animation was great. It was simple from the start and had nice surprises throughout. Interest was kept high along with addictiveness. The "collectables" was another nice touch. Looking forward to an Icycle 2.


I liked it but once I was on level seven i tried everything And it was impossible :|

Pure Awesomeness

This game is just too fun. Each level is unique and full of surprises. The graphics are well done and the sound effects is perfect. Everytime I finish it I play it all over again because its so fun.


awsome game

Good game

This was a pretty fun winter like game,the concept of it was cool having to get the guy on the bike through the snow mountains while avoiding traps and whatnot,the graphics looked great and the control was very good as well so overall it was a game i enjoyed,nice job.