Reviews for "Icycle"

dude if you are gonna make him naked at least make a blur cause if a little kid plays this it'll be a a bad influence for them cause they'll think "im gonna go Biking NAKED Bye Mom!" otherwise good game

I thought this was a truly unique game! I have no idea how anyone could survive being naked that long. The hardest part was the first part of Level 2. I tried going ahead and I just died. I tried falling down but that killed me too. It took me awhile to realize I was supposed to jump over the icicles and ahead.

It seriously looked like there wasn't going to be anything after that. I thought the sounds were good, especially with how funny he sounded whenever he died. I noticed that when he does fall off his bike, he seemingly doesn't have any genitals. I guess this was meant to be more of a children's game. The graphics are nicely detailed too.

Very pretty. Reasonably well designed levels.

This was a beautiful game.

I loved the textures, shapes and colours you used. And the concept is arresting - who can resist the allure of the naked cyclist?

Ultimately, it was just a joy to see each new environment.

Level 7's penultimate stage seemed like a big leap in logic - far more so than any other point. I had to stop playing, look at a walkthrough... then (just before the video whosed what needed to be done), I realised it myself. But others have said that level 7 completely stumped them so I think that the concept of using a growing platform to rise should have been introduced earlier, in a simpler form. The gaseous 'lifts' were well introduced, by comparison.

If each level was a puzzle, this would have been fine. As is, the incongruity sticks out in a game that can otherwise be relatively easily completed with perseverance.

I enjoyed playing through the game but I was a bit disappointed with the ending. I was hoping for some sort of conclusion to the story rather than just a scorecard.

I don't anticipate trying to collect all bubbles without dying - that would just be a test of perseverance and learning by rote. However, I applaud the fact that the challenge exists.

A great game, but the level-design (whilst fun) isn't /quite/ to the standard of the graphics.

pretty good

There was alot of things that I liked (screams,little bike noise) about this little game.However, the ending was REALLY lame,and the icicles in some places were a little more touchy than others .Overall it was pretty nice.
8/10 4/5

Ending could be better

I really enjoyed this game, very original and challenging, but i was a little disapointed with the ending.