Reviews for "Icycle"

If I could give it more than 10 stars, I would.

Not only a perfectly controlled game, but an amazing work of art. Simply beautiful to play and watch.


A different type of physics, and an unusual idea, to say the least. I liked it.

More levels/challenges would be fun, though.

Also, poor nekkid man, maybe next time he could be given pants so the jumps don't hurt so much. I winced with each impact.

what a funny game

Preloader is awesome, the game is damn funny.. its just fun to play and to progress and to solve.. it's EPIC.

Nice work man =)


it was amazing to sum up. but ending didn't made any sense to me. i wish it was longer.

DampGnat responds:

Who was you expecting Adam to find? Eve?
Maybe that was indeed her name... what a messed up thought ;)


and one hell of an epic preloader!