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Ah, finished a day before the deadline. No better feeling.

Anyway, second cartoon out, and an absolutely MASSIVE leap from Yoda's Christmas in the technical aspect. It's also another holiday cartoon...

Hope you all enjoy this equal to my effort making it. I literally spent every minute of my free time for the past two weeks on it. Happy Halloween!

EDIT: Front page, oh yeah! Thanks so much! I love reading all the reviews, I think everyone on here likes it better than I do :)

Also, since I keep getting asked, I don't really know why the guy took the pumpkin, you could attatch any reason to it, really. Maybe he has all the pumpkins because he keeps taking them from people.

EDIT: Also, Digory isn't actually supposed to resemble Link, he just has a similar hat. Though I didn't actually make the character, my brother did.

You can get Digory stuff at http://www.zazzle.com/whi te_lightning! (Copy and Paste) :D

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Most adorable Halloween themed animation I've ever seen.

You gotta wonder...if there was already a huge patch of pumpkins, why did that other guy still the little one's?
Very good video. You're very talented.

That was as inocent as a baby's hairless left toe. Very Well Done!

Very Touching

I didn't quite expect it to be so nice...it was refreshing. The animation was great, the music was well chosen. It was just a great movie all around. Thank you for making something like this.