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Reviews for "Digory"

Wait, what?

Why did the goblin steal his pumpkin, if there were a ton of pumpkins in that field? It makes no sense... Well, 7/10 just because I like it.


Simply beautiful.
Good work, its add in my favorite for sure!


Awesome, good one

Quick question, do you use tweens or frame by frame more

Thanks and good job

WhiteLightning responds:

Thanks! I use about an even mix of tweens and fbf. Any simple 2-dimensional movements can usually be achieved by well-timed tweens, and even some 3D (looking) movement, but once you get into more complex moves (often by the arms and legs or other more complex shapes) you have to use frame-by-frame animation.

this is....

so cute! i thought you did a great job! long intro... (=:) (chef)

Victorious :)

So bloody cute i love the way he rans around.
I also reallly like the charter with one that points which way his pumkin went epic.