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Reviews for "Digory"


beautiful...*sniff*....just.....*snif f*....beautiful.
you should think about being a movie writer.
or even just a writer. oh and uh...the troll guy could have all of those pumpkins cause he grew them but he didnt know how to carve them. i mean... thats what i thought.


I swear i almost cried, that was very relatable awesome pure genious i love it


But what an asshole for taking his pumpkin when he already had so many.


Your artwork is amazing on my part,and the music fits in so well....your amazing,man.

.... Uh..

Cute, really was... but I am a little irked by the last part. If there was a whole field of pumpkins in the first place, why did grey dwarf/troll/thing steal "digory's" (that right?) in the first place?

WhiteLightning responds:

For the love of god, he has the pumpkin hoard because he STEALS THEM FROM PEOPLE!
I answered this in the comments, everybody!