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Reviews for "Digory"

I. Loved. This. Movie.

That had to be one of the best submissions I have ever watched. Don't stop now, just keep going.

very enjoyable!

really good, i liked the animation a lot and the music was really good also. what i dont get though is why that bastard stole his pumpkin in the first place if he has a whole frickin pumpkin patch!!.....anyways it was

WhiteLightning responds:

I assume you meant to finish that, thank you :)
Explanation up in the comments, actually.


Happy face ghosts FTW!!!

Loved the animation, the music is awesome.

Digory seems like a little link voodoo doll, haha.

Keep up the good work.

This is awesome in every way

Not to mention adorable. Great job, I hope to see more from you.

vvvvvv Plus everything Cantdoright said.


This is amazing and heartwarming. I loved everything about it and I hope to see more from you. The animation really is cute and well developed. You can defiantly use Flashes effects better then I hope to right now. For your next project try to loosen up your characters like you did the spider in the beginning. Mainly what I mean by that is when Digory runs his arms stay completely still. Also I was hoping for to do a little skip at some point but that is just me. Great job and keep animating!

WhiteLightning responds:

Yeah, the style makes it hard for the animation to be to loose, though the one I'm working on now is pretty opposite, the characters are kinda rubbery :)