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Beta Force

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Author Comments

Update 12/07/2009
It's been ages since I posted this game, so I realize that this new update is very little compared to what I could have accomplished in all this time.
The only thing I can say is that I was very VERY busy <:-)

Anyway, aside from correcting some minor (audio) bugs, I just added few new features:

+ Now the game can be paused! (yay! :D)
Press the P key on your keyboard to pause the game and press P again to resume it.

+ Added an autofire option.
You can activate/deactivate the autofire option by pressing the A key on your keyboard during the game (I was too lazy to add it to the "Settings" menu, sorry xD)

+ Toned down the in-game messages (especially when the player gets hit).
I deeply apologize for my horrible understanding of the english language and my twisted sense of humor ^^;

+ Now, when you get hit, you won't lose all the power ups anymore. You only lose one level of power up.

I didn't have the time to test everything as much as I wanted, so I apologize in advance if something doesn't work as it should.

I felt the urge to do the aformentioned updates before starting to work on a new and improved version of the game (probably a sequel).
I'll try to follow all the advices and tips I received and make a better game :-)

Thanks to everybody for playing this game, for all your comments and your judgements ^^

------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- --------------------

This is my first game made with Flash ever.
And since everytime I start learning a new programming language I have to make a shoot'em up, here it is :-)

I called it "Beta Force" because althought it is a complete game, I like to think there's a lot of room for improvements (maybe one day there will be a "Release Force" or something like that :-))

I have many ideas on how to upgrade it, but before starting to work on them I wanted to know from other people if it's worth spending more time on it (I'm always soooo busy xD)

I wanted to make a game where the goal is to score more points, not just beat all the levels.
I tried to keep it as most balanced as possible. Nonetheless I think it becomes boring after a while (I think it's simply too long).

Everything in the game is made by me, but I want to give credit to my husband who helped me with the design of the enemies.

I hope you like it ^_^

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pretty good

It was easy but yet jus a tad hard but hey!
can't win them all


I really enjoyed this game. Too cute not too. I am using a wacom pen so it gave the game an extra edge of fun. Wicked game.

You're right. It does become boring.

But for a first, it's ok. The reason this becomes boring is because of it's simplicity. The game was too easy, through all 10 levels I lost 1 life, didn't miss an enemy nor a gem.

The enemies need some more mixed flight paths, rather than the simple fly downwards approach.

Some sort of interesting background to fly through. Changing from level to level as we progress towards a final boss.

More interesting bosses, rather than have them just shooting hundreds of shots, a boss that shoots and punches perhaps.

More powerups. (missiles, homers, etc)

It's a nice attempt. But there's plenty of room for improvement, you just need to sit down, look at other high scoring games of it's genre and ask yourself WHY they're high scoring, then replicate their success.

its good but...

instead of upgrades just apearing you should be able to use the gems you collect to upgrade.


I hate to write a useless review, but are those Cannibus leaves in the background of the second stage? Anyways, very good job on the animation keep up the good work.

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4.18 / 5.00

Sep 20, 2009
5:51 AM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place September 21, 2009