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Reviews for "Beta Force"

Beta Force

Wow. This is actually a very good game for someone who has only made one game. Im impressed. Good job!


Great game! Realy addicting , but needs pause buton , and those loads of colors may confuse a bit while colecting jems. But overall great game and great potentional in game designing!!! Keep up good job!!!


Ho preso una schifosa D! Ma sono stata così brava!!
bel gioco, invidio la tua capacità di programmatrice!!!

Simple, not unique, but well presented and solid.

This kind of game is very common on newgrounds and other flash sites. This game really dosn't make any effort to separate itself from the pack in any way... which ultimately might be why its so solid. You were very careful and safe with this game, which is fine seeing how its your first. The gameplay is solid, the graphics are good (But they'll hardly take your breath away), and the powerups are fun to see (Some are almost useless, like the one that lets you shoot to your sides)

Two more things before the review ends. One, I did like how you made the enemies speed up after they shot at you. That was a surprisingly simple way to make the game more challenging, and I applaud you for it. Secondly, I admire your ability to admit your games flaws. =3 honesty is a virtue.

i look forward to seeing more work from you in the future!



I really enjoyed this game. Too cute not too. I am using a wacom pen so it gave the game an extra edge of fun. Wicked game.