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Reviews for "Beta Force"

Very Professional

You probably know it needs more variety, but for a test game it's extremely smooth and even somewhat addictive.

"Hurt my feelings."

Your game is mean. It keeps on saying 'LOSER' whenever you get hurt.

I am now sad :*(


cool graphics, but quite boring game

nice one

i actually played till stage 8, its quite amusing, but as you said, its get boring after awhile. If it's your 1st, its darn good =) my grips are the enemies, your ship and the bullets are HUGE compared to the playing field, i mean, the bullets are almost as big as your ship (-_-)" the power ups were nice, but 3 types of power ups and 3 levels per type is not enough to satisfy the average gamer =) i'd suggest adding a 'lil story line at the start and in between stages, even a lame one like "some random evil destroying the universe and you're the only one who can stop it" does wonders to relieve boredom XD oh and one last thing, if you're hit you lose ALL powers, which is like "duh" coz if you're at later stages with tons of enemies around you, its only makes it hopeless if you lose all powers with one shot, maybe losing 1 level per hit is a better idea? 'nuff said, i still think its very well made, kinda cute, and can be taken up to a much higher level =)

very nice pice of work

only complaint I have is that the size of your player and enemies are too large in proportion to the stage.

This kind of game really demands full screen immersion -- which I'm well aware is not an option for flash on the web -- but this would be a cool idea to port over to XNA or something.

If the proportions were more comfortable I would have scored you an 8 or 9 maybe.