XvSF- Wolverine vs Ryu

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There is not really much for me to say anymore...

This is a short sprite fight to test how I animate these types of sprites (Street Fighter/Xmen). I guess I have the basics down but need work on the more advanced techniques, such as that blue fading thing people do with their characters (that afterimage thing). I didn't attempt it anyway though.

Sorry if you were looking for a long, enjoyable sprite fight (not too many of you anyway). I started to get bored, and wasn't really showing any creativity. It was suppose to be short anyway but I still could of made it a little bit longer.

Don't bother telling me how I could improve, because if you've read my news post then you know I will cease spriting after my next/last submission. Telling me what I did wrong would be cool though, but I already have a feeling as to how I could have improved anyway.

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i got a marvel vs capcom 2 feeling

since this was just testing, i think you've done one hell opf a job, but you should leave the close-ups alone, though the graphincs on the sprites are old, looking at them from a distance is cool, but they are extremely choppy up close. plus, the fighting was superb, i couldn't stop thinking of the M vs. C 2 while they were going at it. sad thing was, i kinda expected the fight to last a bit longer, it just seemed the the fight leaned more in wolverines favor.

anyways, all i really wanted to comment was the close-up factor, other than that you did a good job. waiting for the next thing to come out from you. :D

Tactical0125 responds:

Yea, people seem to get me about the close-up thing lol. I'm sorry that it wasn't that long, I never seem to make decent length sprite fights. and yea, it did kinda lean in wolverine's favor =P

im kinda sad

I mean i know ryu had no chance but I was hoping he was going to win

Tactical0125 responds:


That's bad?

I thought it was actually really good.The way you were talking about it made it sound more terrible rather than how good it was.And when you said it was short,I was thinkin only 30 secs.But it was actually longer than that.Overall,this movie was fantastic & quenched my thirsts.Bravo.One problem though,Why Wolverine win?I was thinking Ryu.Unless you plan on doing a sequal with Ryu getting the upper hand.

Tactical0125 responds:

Why did Ryu have to win? Lol. I like Wolverine better personally anyway. I guess the fight wasn't that bad, it just wasn't great I guess. It's mainly because I'm lazy and never put forth the REAL effort to make it great, though.

short and sweet sprite action

nice creation, too bad the next one might be your last. I do enjoy a good sprite battle like this one. But the only point that was taken off was the visuals, the screen flashes gave me a slight headache especially from the white ones in the underground scene.

Tactical0125 responds:

Sorry about the flashes, lol.

I like it

I like it there wasnt to much to improve since you already know i wont tell you

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Sep 7, 2009
1:32 PM EDT