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Super Briefcase

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On your way home from work, suddenly millions of bombers appear in the sky, and there's no shelter in sight. Collect well-needed powerups, go for high score and save the super briefcase power to the most critical moments.

A simple little game - avoid the bombs and try to get score multipliers and powerups.

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Awesome game, expecially for a game made in 2009, great music and sound effects, i like the retro style, you probably won't read this, and might have forgotten about this game since its from 2009, but anyways. Here are some ideas and improvements this game could have (most of them are about powerups) FOOD: just like in metal slug, some weird bananas and meat that randomly appear around the map from time to time, they would just give some score soon as you pick them up, around 3000... NOTEBOOK (no idea why a notebook, just coudn't think of something else for the power up sprite to be): gives a little boost for your super briefcase cooldown bar (around 20%). WHITE FLAG: no one is made of steel, gives you a little break from the overwhelming missiles, no missiles for about 10 or 15 seconds. ARMOR: gives you a extra 4th heart, but are pretty damn rare and the 4th heart cannot be regenerated by medkits, only by picking up another armor powerup. KILLER MISSILE: theres the regular small missile with almost no radius and that takes 1 heart, theres that bigger missile with a skull on it, that has more radius and takes away 2 hearts, and then there would be the Killer Missile, considerable radius, and takes away 3 hearts but show up rarely, DIVE: a new movement for the main character, that one wich is featured on many platformers and hack and slash games, where the character boosts himself up for one second, not sure if dive is the actuall name, but, it could be usefull when you are about to get hit in your head by a missile, or when there are missles comming from all the sides, but theres that one corner where you gotta get in to dodge that huge missile wave comming right to your face DIFFICULTY LEVEL DOWN: no idea how that powerup would look like, but it would be very usefull, would be very rare, but would be a life saver for when the dificullty has leveled up so much that you cant even walk 3 steps without losing health, it would decrease the dificulty level for about 1min, untill it gets back to normal
4 stars and a half, great job

Loved it

Great gameplay mechanic, simple set up, amazing execution. And you would get an 11/6 just for that dissonant note near the end of the song loop.


Needs more story, like why bombers are there, or an ending, so he gets home to his family.

One of my favorite games.

Why do I love this game.

Maybe it's because I feel it captures the aesthetic of those 80's games I used to play in the arcade, or perhaps it's that awesome retro soundtrack.

Maybe it's the elegant simplicity of the gameplay, or the innovated bullet proof briefcase that adds that much needed risk reward aspect.

The character design might appeal to me as well, I like the concept of the "everyman" put into dangerous situations...

Games like this are pumped out nearly daily, since the actionscript to make something like this isn't all that hard. Even so you managed to make this game stand out as a salient example of what could be achieved with a little hard work.

I will concede the game does have flaws the text is distracting, and adding points based endings would be awesome.

Then again maybe I didn't even write this review, could I be dreaming?
- Celx


i got #1 for this week! im xXBL1NDF1R3Xx GREAT GAME I LUVS IT

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4.39 / 5.00

Aug 3, 2009
4:33 PM EDT