Reviews for "Super Briefcase"


loved this game!
needs changes though
like upgrades (maybe im obcessed with upgrades?)
and a newgrounds score board in steading of posting it on here
my score was a poor 344,750 by the way

Amusing, but no real originality.

A fun game, but I can't help feel as if I've played it all before. The music, animation and controls were all up to scratch, but it was lacking that sort of... oomph.


Wasn't this out ages ago? I remember playing it... why's it only just reached front page (2ce)

still a nice game

Upredges in nearby future

The game as GAME is pretty good entretaining but there are some things you can improve:
-For the smart bombs some type of inventary so you can store them for harder levels.
-the messages that pass distract you a littleso you can show them between levels.
-Small changes when you pass levels (esenografy,. type of bombs, etc)
Overall a really good game and if you are planning to upradge it plz take some of my advides
GOOD GAME 9.5/10

pretty good

i liked it. it's a very random game but awsome