Reviews for "Super Briefcase"

i was so close

i had a sweet score and i died because i did not notice my briefcase was ready


this is such a adicting game and funny


all if my 5 are belong to torpedolab

just like the old days...

its not too hard nor too easy. for some reason these days games tend to hold your hand, ive played these types of games in the arcade when i was a kid. thanks for nringing the memories back

Loved this

This game is awesome for it's style.
Classic arcade style game.
Awesome music selection, great sprite, funny comments, and it get really challenging and involving towards the 1m point range.

Really really fun.

It would be cool if you integrated something on top of Super Briefcase for when you get over 1,000,000 points because it's just insanely difficult then.

torpedolab responds:


I agree, there's a huge step up in diffuculty around that place, and it would probably be a good idea to somehow alter the gameplay somewhere at that point.

I have had thoughts of some follow-up on this little project, so we'll see... It would be sort of challenging and fun to try and make something like a final avoider game and really try to make the most of the genre.