Reviews for "Super Briefcase"

Good clean fun.

This is a pretty great genuinely fun retro style game. The music and graphic style fit each other perfectly. Also I love the monologue of the player. Really funny. Good job!

PS. If you make a sequel I'd love to see a platformer-style game where you have to make it to a shelter at the end of each level.


As stated before by other users, the retro feeling of the game, old school style and awesome music, makes this one of my favorite submissions!

Keep up the amazing job!



I liked the retro feel. Kind of old school double dragon 'ish.' Simple and fun at the same time. Well done.


b3st game ill played in a long time in ng awsome

Lol to bad i missed when this was sumbited

If im not correct then im sorry but you need proof, this may or could have been stolen from the facebook apps list, due to the following reason.
Facebook, dose have flash client side game like farmtown, such flash can be downloaded by Saveflash with IE. Then altered it's data with any flash software. Go to submit score and you will see what i mean about facebook.

torpedolab responds:

Huh? What are you talking about? The score API is connected to Facebook, that's all. Almost every game that uses mochi leaderboards has this facebook connection in its score submit.