Reviews for "Super Briefcase"


I like the style of it, old school look. sure is lucky that them bombs are so weak

Good ol 32 bit game

Playing this game gave me some nostalgia of playing with my SNES over a decade ago because of the theme: the music fit, the graphics fit (setting and animations), as well as the simple gameplay.
I've played a lot of dodge the ____ games,but this stands out a little. The gameplay is extremely simple but I liked the super briefcase power (where can I get me a nuclear defensive briefcase?) it was pretty funny. Even so, the gameplay does have its drawbacks; it is repetitive and does get boring after some time of play.
Even so, I liked reading the quotes that the guy said and the retro feel of this game. Good work, although I have to admit, has lacking gameplay.


Brilliant graphics, sounds amazing, and a nice twist to the genre. A nice game to dip in and out of, and the lack of side scrolling/in depth storyline is nothing to rate this game down on, it is meant to be a little bit of fun and it delivers just that! The random bits of text that make up the storyline are very funny and add another layer to this game. Great work!


this is the best flash game I've played in quite some time. Simple, but addictive.

i got a fairly good score

this game is like 1990's gameplay mixed with a 2009 lemon twist, i like it and i got a nice score of 179,200 in my first go