Sonny 2

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The Tape 10 Points

Retrieve the tape from Felicity.

Black Magic 25 Points

Defeat Clemons first time without using team mates. Challenging or Heroic difficulty.

Pacifist 50 Points

Defeat Hydra first time without dealing over 2000 damage during fight. Challenging or Heroic difficulty.

Predator 50 Points

Defeat Captain Hunt without any training fights and without repeating any defeated bosses. Heroic difficulty.

Over the Ashes 100 Points

Defeat the Corruptor in Zone 7.

Author Comments

Sonny 2 is a combat based RPG where you play as a Zombie, level up and gain items to advance to the next Zone.


Hello World,

Sonny 2 is finally here on Newgrounds! Sorry for the long wait, but we really had to make sure that the major glitches and bugs would be fixed before it's published. This version also has two additional Zones more than the original Sonny 2 release! Here's what the game contains:

- 5 Story Zones.
- 3 UNIQUE Character classes.
- 3 Difficulty game modes.
- Fully voiced dialogues and cutscenes.
- Improved AI!
- A Local PvP Mode.
- 2 Bonus "Boss" Zones.
- Loads of new items, characters, and spells.

I hope you have as much fun playing this as you did the first one! If you thought that the original Sonny was easy, then I recommend you start this game on either Challenging or Heroic mode :)

<3 Krin

PS: "Legend" unlocks Zone 7. GL HF.


Impossible to sum up in just a few words

Now this is quite something.
A masterpiece adventure game in turn-based styles, that doesn't even lag your computer insanely (I usually have problems with that).
I mean what we have here is a game like no other. It has an amazing storyline, and that storyline is from the point of view of a protagonist which is almost always the enemy in most games. Rarely have I seen the zombies be good (actually good, not just playing as them) and this makes this game get a whole lot more respect from me. I love the different classes, and all the different equipment and effects that you put into this game. I know some online games that aren't even as epic and amazing as this.
It's just simply stated. This is a wonderful game with an amazing plot, and intense gameplay.
The medals are challenging, and personally, I think Predator should be worth 100 points, because that's like extensively difficult.
The music and voice acting is also an additional feature that you don't always see in games. I mean, just like all the clips together (with what happened in-between explained in words) alone would be a fantastic movie. But it's not a movie. It's a game.
And just the gameplay alone would still be a great game.
Now when you mix these things together, and tweak it a little bit so everything works, what your result is is something so terrific it surpasses games unlike any other.
It's addicting, and I just love games like this.
Ones where you level up and get skills, ones where YOU choose how your character turns out, completely. That's why I like Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time so much, as well as other games like it such as Champions of Norrath and Champions: Return to Arms.
I really hope you make Sonny 3, but I honestly don't want to rush you because I want it to be so good that I'll be blown away by how you could improve it.
I mean this game is so perfect in almost every way (except for lag, which every epic game deals with, even small ones) that I have no idea how you could possibly improve it in the third one besides, of course, adding more abilities, status effects, more to the storyline, and more weapons (which is a given "must" for any sequel of any game such as this). So don't rush Sonny 3. Make it gold, perfect, the ultimate game. But don't finish up the storyline, because if the series was over at 3, I would just be like "Oh, lame, I wish it wasn't over" because you have to keep us players guessing.

Also, I want to personally thank you, Krin, for the lines and lines of coding you had to program in order to make this game. And let me tell you it was well worth it. So thanks.

P.S.: Don't make Sonny 3 too hard, please? XD

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As wonderful as expected.

The first game was incredible, but this one has taken the original up more than a few notches. The gameplay itself is entertaining and never really seems to get old, no matter how long you play. The system you have created (and nearly perfected) for the levels and such is genius, and perfect for the type of game this is. I would not change a thing about it, except to make it even bigger with the addition of more games like it.
The AI is quite well-refined as well, and makes the gameplay extremely fun. My only complaint about it is that the commands given don't really seem to have too much influence unless it's a request for healing. But, this is a VERY minor issue that even most games for actual consoles struggle with.
The graphics are great, as expected. I wasn't able to spot even a single glitch in the entire game. The extra little accessories that were ust for kicks cracked me up. They were a great way to make it even more fun and released a lot of tension for me.
There is only one major gap in this game: plot. the game setup is beautiful, but the cutscenes and storyline really lack a lot. It starts out fairly strong in the beginning, but then quickly ebbs out so that it's nothing more, really, than going from place to place beating up enemies. If there were a few cutscenes, even if they're just narratives, it would spice the whole thing up and motivate the players a lot more. I loved it when I went into battle and the characters would make observations and such, but this alone doesn't really provide the character development that your audience craves. To make this game perfect, I would recommend having a set storyline (or script if you like) to base the game off of. This will let you plant surprises and excitement in the game and keep us on our toes throughout the game. Basically, all you need is more plot.
All in all, this is a truly amazing and original series of games. I eagerly await your next one and hope for something even better than this! Thank you for such an incredible RPG!
8/10, but 5/5. This needs to be at the top of newgrounds.

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The game is nice though

I'm a bio and I got the baron dude to like 20k hp but then he killed me. It's almost impossible -_-

Almost perfect

This game is a very decent continue of "Sonny", the voices got better, new characters, different RPG system, PVP option and more zones and items are a good addition, but sadly enough this is kinda ruined by the downsides.
The first thing I noticed is more flexible and smarter (as far as I could tell) AI of your teammates, but they still tend to make stupid moves that can significaly prolong the fight, or even lose it. The most obvious of those is that they attack the enemy when he applies "Subversion" on himself, healing him instead of damaging, and they don't even realize it. Even when you set them on "fully defensive" mode for the turn, they might still decide to attack "Subversioned" enemy.
Character classes are kinda unbalanced, it's way easier to beat the game with biological zombie since he's all about damage, and you have Veradux for healing. Quite frankly the other two classes were too tough for me to understand, not to mention that I personaly found most of the abilities useless in combat since every time I used them they didn't really help.
"Heroic" difficulty time limit is very unpleasant, in this game you need time to think through which move would be best to use and how the fight can develop (unless of course you play biological where you have only 2 moves to consider when you're under pressure).
I don't know if it's a bug, or if it was supposed to be like this, but several buffs and debuffs have wrong "remaining active time" display (like this "instant kill" buff of the Warden in the first zone, it says you have 10 turns remaining to live, but you die in 1)
The game was probably developed to be challenging, but in my opinion you overdid it a little. The first "Sonny" was tough, but this game is over the edge, because of this I can't even force myself to "try to beat this nasty bad guy with 10x health and focus than all my team has together for the 20th time" like I did in "Sonny".
Overall this game is good, but it can still be even better.

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Krinn responds:

I gladly accept all the complaints you listed in your review, except the one about Subversion.

The ONLY reason Subversion exists is that the AI cannot see it. If the AI can see it, it will have no use... The enemy will never heal a subverted ally or attack a subverted team mate.

If you want to successfully subvert your team without someone else healing it, you need to change their AI to full attack.

All the classes are reasonably balanced, even in PvP. but Biological was made easier to play intentionally: The other ones were there to provide more interesting strategic gameplay, if the player was interested.

The time limit does put pressure on you, but that was so you had to make up your mind and think ahead fast.

Even though I do think it's a gay system compared to proper action RPG, its the closest I thought I could get it. Sometimes pressure makes it a bit more satisfying to beat somebody, even though I admit it does get annoying on longer fights.

Thanks for your comments!

Great game, don't get me wrong.

But the psychological class is a nightmare. How is anyone supposed to enjoy themselves trying to use a class that has to sacrifice health to execute moves and gives the enemy some kind of advantage regardless of which move is used? I think you were trying too hard when you created the class. Should you make another one, either make this class more balanced or eliminate it altogether. The rest is great.

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4.45 / 5.00

Apr 21, 2009
3:42 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG
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