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Reviews for "Sonny 2"

The Z.P.C.I are such hypocritical bastards (But I'll still side with them any day of the week). They go on and 'purge' all of the Zombies and get paid loads of big cash money wads, and then they go and turn a bunch of people into Zombies!

Such an epic game, too bad I didn't play it before.

Second time through and it is still pretty good. I like the way you can build your psychopath with putting some skills more than ones. Soon I realized that I don't need more than three skills to have an ideal character for me and I didn't have this all mighty problem called "Should I power up or get a new skill". Only minus will come from the cut scenes; I had mute on, because I listen my own musics and the cutscenes didn't have any subtitles or mute options.

I really hope that Sonny 3 will come out someday...

really good, but the new classes are a little confusing. i miss the guardian.

i love the gameplay, the stories, will there gonna be sonny 3?