Reviews for "Sonny 2"

i still waiting the part 3...............when is the parte 3?

This game is one of the best. Good story, good graphics and three badass classes. THIS ROCKS! :D

Great game over all! I just have one complaint. In heroic mode the time limit to make a move is ridiculously short. I don't know every buff/debuff by heart so i have to scroll over and read most of them and by the time I read it and go back to my ability bar to select a move, the turn is already over! I don't really see the need for a time limit in the 1st place since the enemies are already very difficult, which is fine don't get me wrong, but if you're gonna put a time limit in, can you make it 10-15 seconds instead of 2? Anyways great game and I hope to see a Sonny 3 soon.

WTF! 9907 damages from the warden? That's fkin hard man! :O