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Reviews for "Sonny 2"

The Sonny games, my god, it really has been ten years, hasn't it? When I found Sonny 1, I had a blast going through the story, trying out the different classes, and figuring out what I preferred in strategy. When Sonny 2 came out, I found out in a store selling computers, when I used one to pass the time. I came here, to Newgrounds and on the homepage under new games, there it was. Sonny 2.

I was excited to play it, to go home and use the desktop to choose one of the new classes, to further the story, and to beat the shit outta d-bags.

It's kinda surreal looking back and saying, "It's been ten years."

But it's a good feeling and I will always appreciate these games.

I hope I don't have my brains eaten by the zombies.

I'm having fun reading the guide and restarting countless times ;)
I mean... *Starts Match* Double Doom on Veradux plus a painful hit from warrior, KOs Veradux.

It's a pain, this game. ;/
The enemy seems to be able to coordinate their attacks. (intended, or not) while my team-mates cannot.
Excruciatingly RNG.
I've restarted battles countless times because they kill someone on first wave of attack. Everytime it happens, it is definitely Veradux that dies from the coordinated attack on him.

best game

this deserves to win front page every day and has deserved it since the day it was published