Reviews for "Sonny 2"

Good luck with Legend.

All that work you put into zone 7 is never going to be seen because nobody is going to have the patience for the hell you have created that is attempting to get the Legend achievement. By the time I got to the Warden, who wasn't even the boss of the first zone, I was being killed after one turn in the initiative order. The enemy would just hit me once, Veradux would heal me, and then I'd be hit for over 4/5 of my health on the next turn and die anyway.
I know the achievement is supposed to be hard to get but you've turned it into pulling teeth. I was yelling at my screen "Veradux you idiot use the dispel mo- son of a BITCH he's turned on godmode again!" You see, the creature before the Warden has a move after 35% or so that essentially completely heals him over 3 turns and the only one with a dispel at that point if you went Biological like me was the AI, who we asked for over and over and over in the first one for direct control of for battles like this so we could time the stupid heal or dispel instead of the AI jacking off and losing the battle for us!

I have no idea what the hell you're supposed to do to accomplish Legend but I think it involves hacking. You can't get out of the first /zone/ on Heroic without training battles, let alone just zip through all the progression fights in the game! The computer targets Sonny almost 70% of the time, who has significantly less defense and HP then Veradux anyway- it might be possible to actually do that straight Heroic run if the computer didn't make it a point to instagib the main character 4 seconds into every fight.

All that aside, it was nice to see a sequel to Sonny. Sonny pretty much defines RPG and it gives me something to do.


First Time i played the Sonny games and i loved it

hope theres a 3rd one keep up the awesome work!

Good game but...

Its a great game and I played it alot but as already said it gets repetetive.
You have your strategy and you stick to it. The items are nice but you max 2 Stats and thats it.

Overall its still better than 95% of all games on newgrounds so it gets a 5/5 and a 10/10.


But why can't we play as the hydraulic class? You make us go to armor games to play it yet...that version is without the boss zones :S...confused.

Still great game :), add MOAR to it :D


Even more amazing than the first Sonny. The wider range of class specs was an excellent addition. Keep up the amazing work.