Reviews for "Sonny 2"

Sonny 1 and 2 alike are extremely nostalgic games for me, and I can see why. Revisiting this game, I can easily see why I used to spend countless hours perfecting me and my party's team synergy, and decking us all out with cool looking gear, that was also beneficial to us. You can customize your personal build to fit your play style perfectly, and you can safely bet that it will be very well balanced and fun to play. The vast majority of the dialogue in sonny 1 & 2 are very well written and voiced out, and the characters are memorable and the good kind of creepy. The game has a well established dark setting, hell, even your character is a zombie with alzheimers desease. While the AI Is not exactly genius, you can change the overall behavior of your teamates with the simple push of a button. Overall, Sonny 1 and 2 are masterfully created, tight, fun to play games with an overwhelming amount of depth for you to sink your mountain dew-infused teeth into.

Really good game! It Hooked me instantly.

I liked the game exciting battle graphics, snarezhenie, weapon, text, voice klass.Ya here prohazhu Sonny Sonny 2 is the same only more lutshe, all games on NEVGRUNDS more lutshe thanks for such a great game 5 stars.

I love this game.
However, then I saw Doctor Klima and his fucking 2 million health.

Game is alright, but it kinda sucks to get the legend achievement.