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Tales of Crevan

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This story is about a female artist and her magic pictures that hold fairy inhabitants in fantastic worlds.

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I found this game to be cute enough. There really is a lot of fine detail put into this! I just myself am not so good at it. It's still very nice to look at. I guess it was mostly a platformer. It was just a very unique kind.

The sounds he made were pretty annoying. I always appreciate originality. The colors are really good here. I do have trouble deciding what's an enemy. I can't really tell the foreground from the background!

It was a good game, but i dont know if this was just me thats why i only took off half of a star, but sometimes i couldent tell the diffrence between a rock and a little arch.

other than that i have to say great game.


it`s just so confusing with the art style. or it`ll b cool

This game is addicting

This is a great game, visuals are awesome and it has a great story and the fox is adorable. I'm thinking you could slow it down a bit when your starting off. I kept hitting things haha but other then slowing it down a little this is a great game

Well, it's okay.

This is a good game, it has very good visuals and a great story and really charming characters, but just a few things held this back. The art style is the same for most everything in the game, so its hard to tell what to get and what to avoid, you might also try slowing the tempo of the game just a bit. But above all, this was a decent game.