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Reviews for "Tales of Crevan"

Love it!

I really really enjoyed playing this!
Fantastic idea,great animation everything is so smooth!
But i think there should be more levels and harder ones.

Not applied to the right type of game

Love the art and the idea, just don't think that it was the right type of game for it. Sidescrolling does not work. Perhaps a platformer or even a point and click would have worked, but not a sidescroller.
Mixed feelings about this one...

its ok, but BORING

it was OK with the colors and the magic but i mean a fox with wings going around collecting butterfly but the fact that you get to kill monsters is ok but still boring so i give you a 5/10

Ok game

Boring game but not sot so bad kind of stupid to

pretty cool but boring

i find the colors and art pretty awesome but the mission is to go on and collect fairies >.> so yea boring