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Reviews for "Tales of Crevan"

cute..... but short

Art and music are both great. (especially Crevan is cute :p)
Ahem, the only downside is, that the game is a little bit short.
I can not really understand why everyone is saying, that the obstacles are so hard to see though.... after clearing one or two levels, you shouldve perfectly understood how an obstacle looks like, but meh....


i kinda liked it. the concept the concept was good and it had a good backstory but i have to agree with tigerBoyUltra and Vraith


A fun game, but the art style made it difficult to tell what needed avoiding. And what was with that fight with the kangaroo-ish thing? It looked interesting, but there was no explanation on what to do or how to go about doing it... Still. I really enjoyed the art style and concept


Won't load for me im on firefox.Tried 15 times with no sucess.From other reviews this game is good so i give you 2/10 and 3/5.


I like the art style and concept, but I prefered it in ongaku. With the graphics making it hard to judge what will hurt you and what wont, aside the cheap random falling beehive or rock, make this game unfun for me.