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Reviews for "Tales of Crevan"

good story, nice graphics.

Beautiful art. The start button, by the way, is the 'campaign' button. Just skip the intro (the skip button is at the bottom right corner) and then you can play. :)

I loved the game.

Ah! D:

I can not find the start button! Make it apear please :]

Where is the start button?

I agree with pico and bfbugs that there should be a visible startbutton.
Actually i found something which created a sound when pointing and/or clicking at it, but is also not visible. It is located in a straight line under the title (a little bit under the two crumbled lines which are standing alone). The game does not start when you click on it, but it should be good for something, right? If one person who can play the game tell me what this button/thing/whatever is good for, I would be very pleased.

im with pico

where the *uck is the start button goddamnit but im a little nice somtimes so u get a 3

Very nice.

I loved it.