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Reviews for "Tales of Crevan"


i looks good but it seems like everything i touched would take away half my health. i touched some branches and then some rocks would come out of the sky and kill me. a little rock formation on the ground and then a porcupine and im dead again. once i got to the special level from the spider i couldnt catch anything cuz i moved to slow. it was ok but it needs a lot of improvement.


Like it

A poor emulation of Okami

As far as the animation goes, while characters' movements look poorly done, the scenery and drawings themselves are marvelously done. I applaud you for that. This is, however, a game, and I'm grading you on more than just looks.

The gameplay was weak, as most of the game involved moving the character up and down the screen, trying to decipher background from enemy. Again, while everything looked beautiful, the depth made it difficult to tell what was good and what was bad. In addition, there was no real way of the player knowing what they were supposed to collect and avoid, as the "How to Play" section was basic and hardly informative.

As far as the sound goes, the music is repetitive and cliche. The sound effects are unoriginal, and I find it tremendously tacky to use sounds from other video games (Sonic the Hedgehog for example, like you used).

A user below, Spearclaw, mentioned this being similar to a PS2 game, I'm assuming Okami, in which a wolf brings color and nature back into a bleak world corrupted by evil beings, all with an underlying theme of paint brushes and art. This game would have passed off as a dedication or a work of inspiration had it been better gameplay wise, but it fell short and just looked like a weak emulation.

Your art is very strong however, and though your game creation is weak, I'm sure that you will excel if you focused more on producing artwork on Newgrounds. A valiant effort.

:) nice



i must assume u based this on a ps2 game cant remember the title but im sure the wolf's name was ameterasu