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The Lady In White

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Very well, boys & girls-

As promised, here is my new Flash movie.
It's original title is "Die Dame in weiƟ", which is german for "The Lady In White". The idea for this film came sponatneously out of the blue and is over two years old. I didn't really think I'd really make the film, but you know- sometimes in those glorious moments you have some time left... and bam, there it was. I made lots and lots of drawings and actual animations that aren't used in the movie because in the middle of it, I realized that the music track was too short- but, well, take a look and please give me some feedback how you like it.
Funny is that I drew 95% of it with my mouse until I managed to get a drawing pad. That time, I also was enabeled to make some frame by frame animations. Unfortunately I also did a lot of formtweening in the beginning which is vbery hard to control.
Yaddayaddayadda, I'll be done in a minute.
The awesome music is taken from the soundtrack of the korean movie "Old Boy", the musical piece is called "The Last waltz". If you are looking for a real good movie and you are also fed up with all the Hollywood bullshit, watch that film. It is one of the most brilliant movies I've ever seen.
Please also take a look at my other submissions and maybe drop me a line if you'll be so kind. I am always glad to hear some constructive critiscism, it's the only way I can improve my Flash skills.

Thanks for reading and enjoy,


F. Hildebrandt

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That had a very interesting storyline. Although I couldn't understand the majority of it.


the man should've ripped his heart out like in your video "love"

My coffee agrees it was nice : p

I liked a lot the feeling of the music and the colors, the concept was good and the story may give something to think about.
Most of the motion was jerky, which will require the time and practice to lear the technique. The talent to generate / transmit this kind of images / feeling, it's already in you.

pd: should I stop drinking talking coffee? naah

Hildebrandt responds:

Hey dude, thanks for the review...
I know, when I finished the film I thought:" OH MY GOD, I AM SOOO AWESOME!" -now I regret that I spent so much time making it because I fucked up a lot (the tweens look like boolshiartt), but tnaks anyway.

My next film will be about that topic... please stay tuned ;)


What a gloriously surreal piece!

Hildebrandt responds:

thx :)

it was ok

it was nice...and it was creative ...but bet time was way better ;)