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Reviews for "The Lady In White"

Lovely work.

I am impressed that this is mostly mouse-drawn. Your imagery was quite poignant. I'm going to have to check out 'Old Boy', especially if the rest of the score sounds like 'The Last Waltz'. Well done!

Hildebrandt responds:


You know what is my favorite part of?

The handwriting you use, I love the handwriting you put on your text. I'm joking, but it is quite good.
In the first part I liked how it felt like a painting, and the colors and sound gave it a very nice wholesome look... I am not very fond of that kind of drawing though, I liked the second part's style much more, specially the atmosphere, the way you portrayed the city. I will give you some advice though... (that I should follow myself, but I still can't pull it off, if you do, do tell me). When tweening to change angle and zoom, be a bit more careful with the pace, and the smoothness of the tween, so it doesn't feel very mechanical .. I'm still bad at zooms and angles, ha, so there you go.
Again, I like the story you're trying to tell, I think I understood the point. I'll contact you later.. about *shhh....* the secret project... *shhhhh*

Hildebrandt responds:

OOOH, THE SECRET PROJECT, WOOOHOOO... yeah, i know what you mean- but I told ya, I suck at shifts of perspective ;)

Great Style

This Flash is REALLY well done! The city-scape you created was great, and the shadows you used were extremely effective. You brought a lot of emotion to this piece, and your music choice definitely helped. I was thinking to myself near the end, "Did he switch to a tablet?", which I see now you did. This was REALLY great, almost unreal you did most of it with a MOUSE! Nice work!

Hildebrandt responds:

Thanks, mate- I got so iused to drwaing with a mouse, it's almost no difference for me, but luckyly my shitty microsoft lasermouse broke.

Struck me off guard...

Many try to transmit emotional content via flash movies and for me, most yet failed.
Seeing that you managed to get that point right not only surprised me, I'd say it even made me happy. So, thank you for that.
It was the "same old story" over again, with your personal note.
And I always liked that story, since, I think, most can relate (heartfelt cheers for the drinking scene).
On the art side, feels like frontpage.
Smooth animation, often frame by frame, your effort is clearly visible.
A compliment on your style, a take on abstract is not easy.
Ten stars, what more to say?
Ausserdem hat mich das hier grade in der passenden Stimmung erwischt :)
Um auf andere Gedanken zu kommen sind Flashfilme oft ne gute Wahl und dann kommst du mit sowas.
Ich versuch's noch ein Weilchen mit Madness, Blockhead und den Retard Animal Babies, wenn's nichts wird halt ich mich an den Schluss zu dem schon unser Held gekommen ist. *same old story*

Hildebrandt responds:

/official part: thankyou. / deutscher Anteil: Wau, geil, der erste Deutsche... :D freu mich dass es dir gefallen hat, es war ein Arsch voll Arbeit- und wenn es dann doch Emotionen transportiert hat is ja alles in Butter. Danke dir! (Bin Schon auf der Frontseite... wenn dashier auch draufkommt geb ich einen aus ;D)

Quite good

It doesn't happen often that I take the time to finish watching a rather slow story like this. The whole feeling of it was well done and the music really became one with the animation.
The things I'd focus on if I were you are the tweens, especially in the start they kind of jumped over into eachother and perhaps character design, giving them both long black hair and almost the same wardrobe might be a bit confusing at some points.

Other than that I thought it was pretty well done

Hildebrandt responds:

Hey, thanks. eah, they are kinda similar, but, you know... my time isn't unlimited, unfortunately :D