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Reviews for "The Lady In White"


but the previous flash was better i think.. im not good at comparing this kind of stuff

the music made it smooth

definetly a good film, i especially like the part where u portray his life in black and white, and then it goes back to color after. Very nice!

Hildebrandt responds:

Thanks :)


Nice submission, man. I got amped when I heard the music to Old Boy, one of my favorite movies. Want to hear something scarry? Will Smith and Steven Spielberg are planning to make an american version... I pray it doesn't happen. lol

Constructive Critique;

Your FBF work was nice, especially for the folds of the cloth rippling in the wind. Also, a good use of the glow effect (although perhaps a little too much in some places). The 3D spins were plentiful and impressive, however the animation at times felt very 'floaty'. Multiple perspectives shattered the 3D effect you sought after. I would suggest getting toon boom studio (download the demo?) for the application of its 3D camera to a 2D environment. That would allow you to do your drawings and animations in flash, but place them in a much more solid 3D environment.
Cheers, Patriclus

Hildebrandt responds:

Hey fella, thx for the review, I'll check out the program as soon as possible :)

Nice but characters suffer at times

A nice fluid look to your style, (I really like the trees and backgrounds) but the human characters suffer from inconsistencies. Legs get too thin in places or you can see obvious breaks where legs meet up with the hips. Walk cycles need a little more work as they distract. Basically, needs some polish and it will be good to go. Still, good effort.

Hildebrandt responds:

Farrck, dude, I thought- well, okay, that part where hes is walking through the woods where he is just a black shape) (--> less work XD) his leg doesn't seem to be connected to the hip for a quarter of a second because I used one SHITTY formtween (I don't do that anymore since I got a drawing pad...), but, well, people won't realize... I was just to eager to finish the animation, I really worked sloppyly on some parts- but, you know... animation just always takes so damn long, and neither am I a professional animator, nor am I unemployed... :/ Thx for you review!!