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Reviews for "The Lady In White"

Pretty cool, but it needs something...

I really was moved by what this movie tries to portray, but to my eyes the movie doesn't do the message justice.

This movie is very reliant on tweening early on, which I can understand, but if you're going to use a lot of tweens, you *need* to learn about something rather unheard of by many artists starting off: keyframe easing. By that I mean click any frame in the middle of a tween and - at least in CS3 - there is an easing option. This basically makes the tween movements less harsh. You can visually see a graph as well(Edit option); a normal tween is perfectly linear and an eased tween is a gentle slope. You can also edit the graph to your liking for some really great effects. By easing your keyframes for even just your camera moves the film would look 100 times better.

Another thing I'll briefly touch on is perspective problems. You've done a better job than I could do in a thousand years, but there are some definite perspective problems at the beginning of the movie. I would suggest cutting from one angle to others (eg overhead, to isometric, to straight-on) until you can pull off the rather advanced 3-dimensional camera move in a 2d environment.

The final aspect I'd like to mention deals with the shadows in your film. If the edges weren't blurred they were very harsh and well-defined... This can be resolved in a couple different ways. By breaking apart your shadows and using Modify > Shape > Soften Fill Edges (Once softened, just simply re-group them in order to tween and other stuff.) or just a simple blur you can make your shadows much better. I would suggest blurring them a lot more too.

I'd finally like to make some general comments.

The movie get better the longer you watch. I can see definite improvement through out this: while the style remains fairly consistent, it is more refined by the end. The music choice was very good, but sounded compressed -- slightly muffled might be a good way to put it. Nonetheless, I enjoyed this project of yours, and was refreshed by its style.


Hildebrandt responds:

Hey, thanks for the review! Yeah, I'm still learning... and, nope, I don't have CS3.


It was amazing!

It*s beautiful

I found it kinda relaxing. And it looks somewhat japanese style, i don*t know why...=)

Good work friend

Really enjoyed watching this :]

The animation is stunning and it is quite a moving piece, put me in a good mood now, thank you :)


the animation was not perfect but the storyline made up for it =) it was just great to watch.