Cell Warfare

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If the game is lagging for you right click the screen, go to settings, and switch the storage amount to unlimited.

Daily Seconds and FRONT PAGE! Thank you so much newgrounds

-Cell Warfare-

An amazing content packed space shooter with 78 achievements, 28 badges, 10 unique enemies


Arrow Keys or WASD to move
Mouse to Aim and Shoot

Created by: Xdragonx10 / Christopher Gregorio
Sponsored By: FreeGamesOnline.com

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Please tell me about any bugs you find in the game.


It doesn't play smoothly

Such a shame...


Good game, really challenging but a bit repetitive.


It's actually pretty good, though it's a very common type of game so it's not all too impressive.
Still, it's somewhat addictive and it's simple and still good looking.


it was ok, despite an attempt to spark a bland repetative game play up, the achievements dont do anything unless the actual game is fun... which it isnt, the graphics and sounds are good... but i dont know why u would choose this over such other brilliant 2d shooters such as like Death said, amorphous and some game i forgot the name of with bubbles, in the end... this isnt a great game, score mainly for graphics and effort, i suggest more enemies... and btw i dont think u can call ur enemies original, give us SOME credit, maybe later on in the game... the ghost and the later cells... are more original but i seriously was bored to bits

seems oddly familiar...

The game seems to be designed to mimic Amorphous+ (another flash here on newgrounds) as closely as possible while incorporating shooter game play. between the achievements, and the multicolored enemies each with their own abilities and attack style as the move across the screen, its already halfway there. It might do better if it were to borrow a few more of that games features, such as unlockables based on the achievments.

You might also want to consider permanent or permanent-storage type power ups, instead of the ones currently used. If you use permanent storage, then you would have a finite number of slots, each slot would be filled sequentially by whatever power up you pickup in the field, and you would press key corresponding to the slot to use the power up in it, you could make an additional slot one of the unlockable-by-achievement upgrades.

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4.18 / 5.00

Feb 11, 2009
5:57 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional