Reviews for "Cell Warfare"


tis is ta bomb


whenever i have free time i always come back and play this game, its a great game, very smooth and fun. i do believe you could improve it though, either by actually hooking up to the newgrounds medal system, or maybe you do that in a sequel.
good game overall.

not enough words to describe this game

this game is really awsome i played this all the time before school and iv been trying to gget all the achevments.....some really hard to get....but i cant get the devel one....i almost got it but got killed before i could get 5 more points.....game is just....AWSOME,GREAT,GOOD,SWEET.....n ot enough words to describe

very fun.

maybe you should make a sequel!

Cell Warfare = Amazingly Fun Game

I have been playing this game for a while now and it still hasn't got boring. I played it a lot at school after i found out about it. It deserved that spot on the front page. This game is addicting! It is a lot like Amorphous though. The game play is brilliant. The controls are excellent. The game runs smoothly and it is very entertaining to look at. The colors are awesome and make me want to keep exploding all the little cells. Without the colors, would make the game just not so pretty. The audio is pretty cool, the song is pretty catchy, i wish it did change up a bit though.
Since this is a game that keeps me wanting to play it more and more i wish their was some other music to listen too.
The modes were pretty good, you have you r small medium and large nest and you unlock the insane nest and then also the one where it never stops. I wish when you played the one that never stops it kept your high score from it, that would be pretty cool, because you could kill more then just what the biggest nest gives you.
Overall it is a great game.
The only reason i am giving it a 9 instead of a 10 is because i wish their was more power ups. The game could of gotten more creative with them, add something fun in. Maybe like a special ability power up and not something obvious any shooter like this would have.
Giving it more creative power ups would get the player more into the game and have something to look for in each level.