Reviews for "Cell Warfare"

The awesomest asteroid like shooter ever!

This game is like an asteroid game, except with a few different enemies. And it's not just colors, but personalities vary too. Again, awesome!

10 "unique enemies" = 10 colors?

This is a pure top down shooter in it's simplest form. It's pretty hard to screw something like this up, and the author didn't. The controls are just a bit too slippery for me.

this was

Actually really nice!

The gameplay and graphics are both simple and well-used by game designers, but it feels fluid and by adding acheivements that (mainly) don't force you to go out of your way to do pointless tasks while giving such statisfaction, it's very playable in general.
I like the way the different facets of acheivements are overall-ranked, too.

Overall game setup and design reminds me a LOT of amorphous.

Yay =-D

I got to level 11 the first time playing

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OK more power ups