Reviews for "Cell Warfare"

Idea is already taken

This was a pretty awesome game, but reminded me a lot of amorphous+. anyway a great game.
if there is going to be a sequel or new version add a way to look at the enemies and learn about them once you discover them and add a practice to practice against selected enemies.


awesome music, bitchin graphics, and...well....i loved the colour coding...PRETTY COLOURS!!! anyways, helped me with some stress after school, rly fun, but everyone's done a shooter somewhat similar to this. well, the badges were nice =)

really pissin me off!!!

awsome game, I scored over 11,000 which would have put me at #1 for daily scores, but it won't let me submit my score!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!! this happened 3 times I scored high enough to be onthe high score boards and I can't submit, put yourself in my shoes you'd be pissed, fix it!

Not Bad

Its fun and thats what newgrounds is about (i cant speak for the Mature section)
it a modern astroyed and who dont like astroyed.
(sorry for spellings, dislekia dont really help lol)

looks good...

but cant play
it way too laggy