Reviews for "Cell Warfare"

Love it!

Love it! Best game I've played on this site so far!

Perfect ;D

This game is addicting, really nice, this type of game is amazing ^^

Nice style

I really like the art style of this game and some of the effects. Shaking the screen when the player is it was a nice touch along with the trailing segments that create a motion blur effect. The game-play was pretty basic, but that is not necessarily bad.


when i first looked at this game i thought it was lame, but once i started playing this, i was instantly hooked. this game is so good i decided to write a review which is rare cause the last time i reviewed something, it was two years ago. any ways this game is amazing.

This shound totally be a downloadable game!

I seriously belive that this should be a downloadable game for PSP or DSi. Like for real! It's that good! OK, it's a little impractical, but still. Look in to it.