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Bad Hair

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short completed in 48 hours, the theme was hair

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Haha this is funny stuff right here I didnt know what to expect but this was some funny stuff, even it being black and white was alright might be better with a bit of color though.

This was a tad bit short but I found it amusing, So with black and white flashes they are ok and bring a certain appeal to everything but adding some color wouldnt hurt may it be an item in the distant, an eye, a color of hair, a car tire, amybe a window, or even the sky, just anything random while keeping everything else black white as to not take away from your main idea but adding a bit of color might even make it cool.


Bad hair, great video.

lol sweeeeet.

That shit cracked me up for ages man. I had tears and everything. So yea. MINT. The facials were great. and just enough animation to make it engaging. I would be keen for more mindless hilarity.


Possibly my favorite flash on Newgrounds. The animation is great, especially with the hand-drawn aesthetic and the humor is spot-on. The only downfall is the anticlimactic ending.

Oh my!

It was pubic hair :O