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Reviews for "Bad Hair"

Are they pubes?

And did the second guy below me said that you could smoke coke?

I'm so puzzled right now...

Gotta hit my head on a tree

I'll be right back

(ok, I had one of these random moments.... I don't wanna erase it!)

Great movie.

Quite good

the characters were really believable, the drawings were perfect for the voices, and the laughter was immense.
well done.

Holy hell.

This is one of the most orginial flash I've seen in awhile. I've never seen anything like this in the long amount of time I have spent on this site.

I liked the way you substituted cocaine with hair; that fact you knew it wouldn't work, but they tried it anyway is what made it funny in my perspective.

The sheer random stupidity of the flash is what made it stand out, as well as its art style, which I found pleasant and flowing. It suited the flash, and colour wouldn't have worked as well.

The sound quality was flawless, and the voice acting was perfect for the roles.

The flash wasn't too long, and not too short. Just the right length to milk the joke, but keep it from becoming repititive.

The only way you could make this better, is by making different substitutes, such as urine marujuana or toenail exstacy, divided into separate sections.


You know you made all the pot heads out there laugh, lmao. This was funny because it reminded me of a time when me and my friends tried to snort COOL-aid, and the cameras caught us. They thought we were snorting cocaine, it was really funny. You also got across the point that animation doesn't need to look amazing, it only need to have emotion, and movement. Movement definitely lol xD duh.

PS: gundam02 is probably the most creative name in the history of "mankind".

Oh jesus

that was seriously like the funniest shit ive seen in a while, what was your motivation for this flash? please tell me it was a life experience! lol good work man it was like some school house rock animation with a modernday twist! i like your stile make more! the little voice in my brain demands it!!