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Reviews for "Bad Hair"


THis is a very funny short, and fuck you to the guy saying that this video means the human race has no salvation, wtf does that even mean? This short is funny because everyone, at least once, has smoked some bad hair

P.S. Dont buy drugs from skids!


You didn't have to write that this was completed in 48 hours- I probably could have guessed from the lack of humor and terible artwork.


Yet somewhat entertaining. Sketchy work has always appealed to me.


Im sorry but what is this?? Really if someone considers this funny means humanity has no salvation ..... As far as im concerned this is RETARDED ... no interesting plot just some random idiotic "humor". I had to post a review on this this sucks... How come this reached the front page??? I really think the person who made this animation needs some serious psichiatric help.... Its ok if i get banned for this im sorry if i offended some 1, but this is how this animation made me feel ...


bad hair huahaha