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My Name Is Olay Clock

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My name is Olay Clock. I'm a rapping clock, so here's my introduction so everyone will know who i am ! :).... Expect more rapping clocks, it's going to be fresh man! MAD FRESH!
NOTE:: this is a parady of eminem - i don't like him.
UPDATE:: w00t! I was so happy when my movie was on the front page of clockcrew.com! I'm glad a lot of peeps liked it. Clear clock sortof redid my look (thx clearclock) so I uploaded it again w/ new look - but it's not really biggy.

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All my 5 R Blong to This!!

Flawless idea marred by execution.

This is Olay Clock's most hilarious concept of all his submissions to date. Depending on taste and familiarity with Eminem lyrics, it could even be the best song parody flash on NG. However, the speed at which the music flows necessitates garbling of the computer generated, characteristic "clock voice." As a result of this, only a few words can be heard now and then out of the overall lyrics.

If this submission were to be redone with a voice actor or singer for the non-refrain parts (because it's doubtful anyone would miss "Hi, my name is," etc.) it would doubtless appeal to many more people. Olay Clock's visual gags are dead-on, his "gangsta" posturing all the more hilarious because of his status as a consumer product for sheltered, upper-middle class females.

I must additionally note that this submission has garnered a lot of falsely accusative or desperate responses, an example of which I leave here for posterity:

Imposter Olay March 29, 2002
Reviewed by: Olay

Overall Score: 9
what the fuck are u doing iam the real Olay

Olay ==> Sign-up Date: 3/21/02

Olay_Clock 313 ==> Sign-up Date: 2/23/02

Simple fact checking yields amusing results. Keep producing, Olay Clock, and may your future submissions be even better.


Wheres my money byooootch.